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Ambassadors is a fast growing creative production studio and is one of the leading studios in Dutch advertising with a portfolio of high profile national and international brands and agencies. Since August 2018 they are taking global steps with a new studio in New York.

My main focus as the PR Manager is telling Ambassadors’ story to possible clients and to a broad public. This I achieved through online marketing, creating unique website content, maintaining a close relationship with the trade media, organising and attending events, creating entries for award shows and ensuring all the communication is in line with the set strategies and in-house branding.


I worked simultaneously with all of Ambassadors’ creative departments in order to communicate one narrative in which the crafts and internal and external collaborations were leading. I maintained a close relationship with the press and wrote the press releases. In cooperation with the Founders and the Creative Director I created a new PR and communication strategy based on the company goals.


Simply said, every written word, every social post, every website post, every press release, every award entry, every event, … by Ambassadors from 2016 till 2018 has been my work.


Part of my role as Ambassadors’ PR Manager was organising all kinds of events. I worked closely with the creative direction, office management, illustration- and video creation departments to create a memorable evening. These evenings would be filled with educational and inspiring talks by Ambassadors’ team members from all departments, sometimes a guest speaker, an exhibition of the most recent work, creative activities, good food, drinks and music.

Aside of the organisational side, I always created a social media plan for Instagram and Facebook as a preamble to the event and for engagement during and after.

ADNIGHT | House of Craft 2017
House of Craft | The Debrief
House of Craft | Sound and Colour
Online Presence 

A big part of my daily task as Ambassadors’ PR Manager is creating an up-to-date and entertaining social media feed on Instagram and Facebook. Offering a behind the scenes look, presenting new work and events interwoven with some light-hearted jokes and illustrations. The perfect combination of Ambassadors’ identity.

I’ve created several campaigns for Christmas or highlighting fun days throughout the year, as an introduction to blogposts and a ‘get to know Ambassadors’ introduction campaign. These are all created in collaboration with the design and sound department.


As Ambassadors’ PR Manager I worked closely with the advertising trade media to highlight all of Ambassadors’ beautiful work in interviews, online and print articles. I wrote the English and Dutch press releases, all the website and blog posts and created the communication strategy in collaboration with the founders and creative director.

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