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Research & Publications

Exhibition Review: How to Prevent Hair Loss, Kiat Kiat Projects


The exhibition targets our vanity, our insecurity, the question you will Google but not ask your friends. It plays on our internet habits, the newsletters you subscribe to, the way you present yourself online and perhaps not offline.

RESPECT THE DESIGN: An Overview of Respectful Design Informed by Indigenous Knowledge

Design in the Anthropocene – Book edited by prof. Joana Meroz

This chapter discusses a movement called ‘Respectful Design’ that over the last two decades has attempted to establish a research and educational network of respectful relationships between so-called humans and Earth.

SOFTENING THE LINES:The Decolonial Turn of the Black Panther newspaper

October 2022

This article focuses on the BPP newspaper called the Black Panther Black Community News Service (Black Panther) which was a (bi-)weekly printed newspaper between 1967-1982. This article analyses two front and back covers from 1970-71 which illustrates the turning point in the party’s ideology. This turning point is examined through a decolonial lens with theories from author, feminist and social activist bell hooks, anti-colonial psychiatrist and philosopher Franz Fanon, and philosopher and semiotician Walter Mignolo.

Dissertation Kingston University
September 2022

What is ‘curatorial activism’ inside and outside an arts institution and how can it question and perhaps even create resistance to the dominant production of knowledge within modern society?

VU Art & Culture 
January 2022

A blogpost about my thesis on the Black Panther newspaper. It details how I conducted my research and how I established my topic.

Thesis Vrije Universiteit
June 2021

To what extent does the graphic design in the Black Panther Black Community News Service from 1969 to 1972 represent a decolonial aesthetics consistent with emergent forms of Black Liberation in the U.S. in the 20th century?

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